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zombie girl
just had an incredibly stressful dream (well, the end of it was stressful anyway).

i dreamed that i was back in like, high school and we went on a field trip to disney world. there was some guy there that licoltvas was interested in but who had rebuffed her advances. we were about to eave for home but i wanted to get food before we left, so i went to a pizza place and Rich Contini was working there. We were bullshitting a bit and i ordered two pieces of pepperoni pizza. there was a little asian girl working with him and she was giving me a hard time. i had a considerable amount of difficulty figuring out how to give her the right amount of money, and then left without my pizza and went back to rejoin the group.

we were all sitting on a dock watching boats go by. apparently the boats were rides. Pirates of the Caribbean went by and then another boat that looked like a pirate ship but was actually a ride for something that had nothing to do with pirates. it was based on a movie but i forget which movie. anyway i was showing people photos from my camera and they were being projected on a screen somehow and as i showed them the pictures, i realized that they were videos. i remember thinking that it was pretty cool that i had taken these old pictures in video format. one was apparently from a trip to the zoo that i went on with licoltvas and in it, a monkey had a pizza and it was stolen by an elephant. i recounted the event to the group. everyone was laughing. then i found another "picture" but that one was boring. i flipped to the next one "if it doesn't have monkeys with pizzas in it, i'm not interested!" i said. the guy lindsay was interested in was sitting next to me and hitting on me and i was really getting uncomfortable. then i saw crystal niet walking across the water and i was like, holy shit she's jesus! and then i saw that she was walking on a section of the pier that was partially underwater. the guy was still hitting on me (his name was 'jon jon' apparently) and he even tried to kiss me, but i stopped him. when we got up, i said something about his advances and that i wasn't comfortable with him hitting on me since my friend was interested in him. he denied trying to kiss me.

then we all got on a train to go back. i was walking back and back and back into the train and then realized that i had forgotten a bag in disney world somewhere. i searched frantically for it and then when i couldn't find it, started freaking out because my ipod and camera were in the bag.

then i was back at my parents' house talking to my mom freaking out over the lost bag. my mom was like, you know it's no big deal! it's just stuff! i was ripping up papers and i smashed a glass candle holder. "at least your friends got back safe.." she said. "i don't give a shit about them!" i yelled. "I'd let them all die if it meant i could have my camera and ipod back! i've lost EVERYTHING!!!!' my mom tsk tsked at me, and that's when i woke up.

now back to sleep for a bit, heh..

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Sitting on the dock of the bay, watchin the TIIIIIIDE roll away

sorry that's all I could focus on after reading paragraph 3.

Jon Jon? working for Disney? these are silly.

haha. i don't think he WORKED for disney; he was with us there but not from our school. idk.

OMG just google image "jon jon" I was going to look for a funny picture to link to but they were all pretty priceless

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