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Email from guy on language exchange website
zombie girl
Hai, Veronica. Saya Hanif, orang Indonesia asli (native). Saya senang berkenalan dengan anda. I speak English, but not so fluent. Jadi saya ingin sekali punya teman yang bisa diajk ngobrol, tukar pengalaman dan pengetahuan(sharing experience & knowledge) dan bertukar dalam belajar bahasa bersama (and learn each ather from language exchange). Saya tunggu jawaban anda (I am looking forward to receiving your reply). Terima kasih.

Hi Veronica. I'm Hanif, a native Indonesian. It's nice to meet you. (I speak English, but not so fluent.) Therefore, I really want to have friends who can something-something ("diajk ngobrol"--doesn't even sound Indonesian. I think it's a dialect but I can't find a meaning anywhere online), etc , he pretty much translates the rest of it except for : terima kasih (thank you).

Now for my reply....

ETA my reply:

Halo Hanif. Saya senang berkenalan dengan anda juga. Orang Amerika. Saya di New York. Saya sudah belajar Bahasa Indonesia selama satu bulan. Saya bisa bicara Bahasa Jepang, dan saya sudah belajar Bahasa Jepang dua tahun di Amerika. Saya sudah belajar di Jepang dua bulan. Tidak sudah mampir Indonesia. Have you ever been to the United States? Do you study English in school or on your own? "diajk ngobrol" ini apa?

Please help me by correcting my Indonesian, if you can. Terima kasih.

Saya tunggu jewaban anda.


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there's a dangling participle

ngobrol is the informal word for "to chat." couldn't find diajk, but he may have meant diajak which my dic says means "encouraged."

Also, did you learn "belum" yet? It means "not yet" and is kinda the opposite of sudah.

no i didn't learn belum yet, though that would have been useful!

so i could say something like, saya belum makan? and it would mean i haven't eaten yet? oh and what verb would i use to say i visit somewhere?

how the heck do you say ngobrol?

velar nasal in the beginning, like the last sound of "sang" We don't have any words in English that start with that sound.

Visit is berkunjung.

You are totally on point with the use of belum! :D

so berkunjung could be used for visiting a place or just people?

i didn't realize they had that sound in indonesian (the "ng" at the beginning.) it looked so weird to me when i saw it.

and thank you!

how is your class going?

oh! i have a couple questions!

alright when somebody posts something on facebook (i have it in indonesian) it will say like, "6 menit yang lalu" for example. does yang lalu mean "ago"?

also (and you'll see this in a post from today) evan and i were trying to figure out how to say pirate. is "perompak" pirate? or piracy?


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