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rated PG-13 for mature theme, some images of violence, and a bawdy puppet show

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zombie girl

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Weird... I'm still on your friends list, but this entry isn't showing up on my friends page.

Why the change to friends-only, if I may ask?

I've been primarily friends-only for most of the time I have been on LJ. I just felt like doing a banner. Hope to do a better one w/ this picture once I can get to my computer again and use adobe or something. Keith doesn't have anything but paint on his computer. :P

Want me to make you one? I have Paint Shop Pro, I could do better text if you like.

That'd be awesome! I'll send you the original image, then. :D

No need, I found it using Google image search. How's this?


If you want a different font, let me know. I tried to go for the gothic/halloween look.

How come you're going friends only?

lol kelsey asked the same question! I've been primarily friends-only for years now, I just felt like making a banner thingy for it. I do a very occasional public post, but it's not common. Just like to know who's reading. :)

On my ec list, there was a thread bout how to wake up a dh who relies on his wife to wake him up but is nearly impossible to get up. Someone posted this joke and it made me think of you:

This reminds me of that old joke of the couple who got into an
argument and they weren't speaking to each other. The DH had to catch
a flight early one day and wanted to make sure he got up in time to
make it. Since he was not speaking to his wife, he left a note by her
bedside, "Wake me at 5am." Well, he woke up at 8am, furious that he
had missed his flight. He was about to start yelling at his wife,
when he saw a note his wife had left by his bedside, "It's 5am, wake up."

Too lazy to log in,

What does Keith believe about Santa? I warned my kids not to say anything about it not being real to him or Deanna, since I wasn't sure what you or Melissa said to the kids. I'm not sure if Corey or Matthew still believe in him, as well. They used to and keeping Eva's mouth shut has always been really hard. And then there's Rosemary... but then I digress...

keep me added please!

Sorry for the abrupt ending... the cellness in this place sucks so it cut me off when I ducked to get my purse from under the desk! :P


Thanks though... it's good to have another mommly woman confirm that what I got was a good choice. :}

I am SO ANGRY. I really need to talk to you via AIM before I pop and do something I, and everyfucking one else, is going to regret. PLEASE.

I wonder what I was so mad about.

(Deleted comment)
call me sometime! i have your number but i don't know when it's convenient for you to talk because of the time difference and the kids and stuff. my number is on my info on FB and also on here, two entries back.

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